Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Get Valuable Insight on Your Career and Digital Footprint

There are a myriad of web tools that allow you to keep score on your personal brand whether it is your Web site, Linkedin page, Twitter account, Facebook site, blog or even your Google presence. And I have used them all for a variety of reasons including benchmarking and continuous improvement.  But what these tools really help with is perspective and insight

Recently I came across a unique assessment tool that evaluates virtually your entire digital footprint by examining a wide swath of your brand on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter and even your footprint on Google. The tool is  MyWebCareer is the first platform I have found that simultaneously looks at multiple platforms with the goal of helping you improve your personal brand.

The site not only provides a career score but it presents a variety of data sets that help you better understand your footprint.
Here is how the firm describes its product, which by the way in its basic form is free and provides a graphical UI that is intuitive and instructive.

“At MyWebCareer we have created a free online service that enables you to uncover and evaluate your digital footprint. Our objective is to provide consumers with insight into their Professional Online Brand and to offer tools to make this data accessible, manageable, and actionable. We use sophisticated link analysis, visualization, and semantics technologies to enable you to quickly evaluate and explore data that may relate to you. Our patent-pending Career Score allows you to easily assess your Professional Online Brand and stay on top of any changes to it with our monthly monitoring service.”

One of the reasons I think this is an interesting tool for insight is the how MyCareerWeb examines the connections, links, career strata and other factoids to present a picture of your digital footprint that is intuitive, easy to read and provides great insight to your career characteristics.

You could spend several days or weeks to do the analysis yourself to achieve a similar result. But the MyCareerWeb tool is lightening fast and cuts to the chase to give you insights into industries, themes, companies, people, locations and connections that can help you focus on where you have been from a career perspective and guide you to where you may want to point yourself if you are looking for new challenges.

MyCareerWeb is really a nifty and comprehensive tool to analyze your path and your connections. The data presented is simple to understand and includes variety of ways to digest and map your contacts and career network and the many relationships that you have with people, companies and industries. If you are in a transition or just want better personal career insight, MyCareerWeb is the consummate platform to employ.

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